More and more organizations are using data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to try to reduce the danger of sensitive data leaking outside their company. But what is the best DLP solution?

A DLP solution should not impede business productivity, since it consists of numerous core technologies that allow the DLP engine to identify the sensitive information that enterprises need to protect and to take action with the goal of preventing breaches, while allowing employees to remain productive.

Continue reading to learn everything you need about the best DLP solution, and how to ensure that you’re not the unsuspecting victim of a data loss incident or a breach

What is a DLP solution? 

DLP or Data Loss Prevention involves software, hardware, and other technologies which prevent your information from being transferred outside of your company’s network without authorization. A DLP solution is a cybersecurity solution that works to guard against breach, exfiltration, and destruction of information in your organization’s databases.

Data breaches can be prevented by monitoring your data in transit, on rest, and in use. Yet, it’s not always that simple.

Due to COVID-19, there’s been a dramatic increase in remote work, and organizations are now more vulnerable to cybercrime. In fact, 20% of data breaches are caused by remote workers. Hence, information security is vital. 

In order to minimize data breaches, it is necessary to enforce stricter data regulation policies. This is where implementing the best DLP tool for your organization becomes essential!

What Do Organizations Use DLP Solutions For?

The benefits of adopting a DLP solution for your organization are countless, but here are the primary benefits of the best DLP solutions for you to consider:

Important DLP Solution Statistics

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes hand-in-hand with a dizzying amount of data. Companies of all sizes are aware of this fact, which is why acknowledging data loss statistics can help you to better understand the issue and prevent it.

Here are some of the most intriguing data loss statistics: 

What Makes the Best DLP Solution?

So, what makes the best DLP solution that can actively protect your company’s data from any issue? Here are a few features to look for: 

In addition, the best DLP solution can also provide no painful installations and even employee empowerment. 

If all of these perks seem too good to be true, then you haven’t heard of this DLP solution. Let’s discuss it a bit further. 

ITsMine As The Best  DLP Solution

ITsMine offers innovative data loss prevention solutions with a state-of-the-art and proactive approach to data security – that requires no policy changes and no permanent agents for endpoints while protecting from both internal and external threats.

By automatically constructing “data security safe zones”, ITsMine’s technology overcomes the major challenges and complexities of existing data security solutions, enabling data sharing, collaboration and third-party access to data. 

In addition to these Safe Zones, data that is sensitive is tracked and controlled to prevent either intentional or unintentional misuse. As a bonus, ITsMine is easy to implement, complies with regulatory requirements, and is transparent for employees and IT teams.

ITsMine achieves all of these goals by implementing the SoftwareMines™  and BeyondDLP™  solutions:

SoftwareMines™: These intelligent sensors protect against internal and external attackers proactively. When a sensor detects “detonations” (unexpected access or opening of files) in Safe Zones, any attackers can be detected immediately.

FileGPS™: Track, target, and pinpoint your data irrespective of its location. No matter where your company’s data is, whether it is on a client device, a remote server, the cloud, or an external medium, FileGPS from ITsMine’s BeyondDLPplatform notifies you in real-time whenever there is a risk of compromise. 

Where To From Here In Terms Of The Best DLP Solution? 

It is necessary to prevent data loss in order to stay compliant, secure, and maintain business continuity. The best DLP solution will help businesses protect PHI and PII, reduce the risk of insider threats, and stay protected in the face of threats such as ransomware and malware. Similarly, businesses can maintain privacy for their customers and employees, to build trust and continue to prosper. 

Your search for the best DLP solution can stop here. ITsMine has all of the tools and functionality that companies need for you to stay on top of your DLP security and data protection efforts. It’s a great place to start to enable next-generation data loss prevention for your organization – reach out to start your free trial today.


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