Whether you’re in charge of your company’s security on a global scale or you’re dealing with a fast-growing startup, one thing is certain: hackers and scammers will target your infrastructure at some point. And with statistics recording over a thousand U.S data breaches in 2020 alone, protecting your data wherever it may be is Step 1 of getting your cybersecurity in order.

But how do you approach the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, outside threats, and data integrity? Especially when it comes to data accessed by third parties?  

Although you may understand the importance of protecting your files and guarding your data, implementing proper security protocols and policies is time consuming – and where do you start? More importantly, relying on the security of multiple third party solutions can be a double-edged sword. Thankfully, innovative data loss prevention solutions can help you protect your organization from a critical data breach. Let’s consider the problem and look at the vulnerabilities created by third parties.

The Accellion Data Breach

To illustrate the impact of relying on third parties, and relying on the security of their networks, we must talk about the elephant in the room: the Accellion data breach. Accellion, a cloud-based business that provides file-sharing technologies, firewalls, and virtual data rooms for large corporate entities, fell victim to a malicious data breach from the Ukrainian-based cybergang known as Clop. 

Clop utilized a previously unknown (or zero-day) vulnerability on Accellion’s File Transfer Appliance (FTA) to extract valuable data belonging to Accellion customers. Although none of the data on the server was encrypted, Clop attackers demanded a hefty ransom in return. While the full ramifications of the hack are still unknown, here’s a brief list of organizations who allegedly fell victim to data breach attacks and ransomware as a result of the Accellion breach:

From this data, attackers are said to have harvested social security numbers, addresses, full names, dates of birth, email addresses, internal communications, and sensitive information surrounding each organization. Furthermore, hackers apparently used the information to infiltrate other organizations, encrypt their data, and demand payment for its retrieval. 

Instances of ransomware attacks have increased 148% since the COVID-19 epidemic started, and many well-known organizations have fallen victim to these attacks in recent months. Many of these attacks were successful because they compromised trusted third-party providers. 

With millions of dollars being given to attackers to retrieve their data, many organizations have realized what cybersecurity professionals have been saying all along: information security is a critical component of business success.

How BeyondDLP™, SoftwareMines™ and FileGPS™ help

ITsMine provides cutting-edge technologies that offer a unique, proactive approach to securing your data – that requires no policy changes and no permanent endpoint agents, while ensuring protection against both internal and external attackers.

ITsMine provides safety and protection to your shared and distributed work environment, along with regulatory compliance.  ITsMine’s technology overcomes the major challenges and complexities of current data security solutions by automatically constructing “data security Safe Zones” for sharing and collaborating, and data accessed by third parties. 

Beyond these Safe Zones, data is tracked and controlled to prevent intentional and unintentional misuse of your sensitive data. 

One way ITsMine achieves its goal is through its flagship BeyondDLP™ solution and the implementation of SoftwareMines™. In the military, mines are used to guard the most sensitive installations. Now you can harness the power of strategic mines for your data.

Prevent data breaches by planting SoftwareMines™ in sensitive locations adjacent to files that need protection. You can immediately detect external attackers by detecting SoftwareMine™ “detonations” (unexpected access or opening of files) in Safe Zones.

SoftwareMines™ allow you to know where your files are going, and where they’re currently at.

For internal users, they will act like a speed camera on the highway. For external attackers, like a tripwire in the network to know when something bad is happening.

Your data is kept secured and protected against threats, both within the company and externally. 

BeyondDLP™ also offers FileGPS™, which tracks, targets, and pinpoints your data regardless of its location. Whether your company’s data is on a personal device, on a remote server, in the cloud, or an external medium, BeyondDLP™’s FileGPS™ notifies you in real-time. More importantly, it allows you to know who has access to your data and where they’re using it at any given moment—the perfect tool to help you deal with a data breach emergency.

Don’t Become Another Data Breach Statistic

If you have 3rd-parties accessing your data, you need to ensure you’re adequately protected should they experience a data breach. Using ITsMine’s BeyondDLP™ is the solution. Take control of your data and protect your organization now — utilize ITsMine’s unique BeyondDLP™  framework for your organization today!