Encryptionless Ransomware Attacks Are Here To Stay

Of successful ransomware attacks in 2022 used double/triple extortion
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The increase in encryption-less ransomware attacks in 2023 (and it's growing)
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ITsMine will alert in real time.

Full Disclosure

Provides a full list of the files the attacker took.

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Kill most important files even if the attacker holds them on external offline system.

“Cyberattacks continue to increase in frequency and significance…Our company alone repels an attempted intrusion every 70 seconds, thwarting more than 450,000 intrusions per year. These criminals constantly adapt, developing more sophisticated and malicious methodologies. They have increasingly targeted critical infrastructure, including schools, government agencies, and the healthcare sector.

Andrew Witty

Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealth Group

Get in Touch

We have taken steps to ensure that the stolen data is deleted by the unauthorized actor, although we cannot guarantee this result.”

Caesars Entertainment

After a successful ransomware attack where hackers were paid off in a bid to prevent the disclosure of stolen data


Encryption-less Ransomware: Best Practices for CISOs to Ensure Protection