DLP Reinvented

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Plug and Play

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100% Transparent

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Protect and Alert
in real time

Built for protection

Prevention of data loss is the most important aspect of ITsMine overall design solution. 
Built to protect data from the inside out, the solution differentiates between the two vectors of attack and handles them automatically:
External Attacker that passed all the security layers and is trying to harm, delete or steal the company data; or an Insider that by accident (or not) is exposing company data outside of the organization.


External attacker

Last line of defense

Trust, but Verify

Rogue employee

Obtain evidence > Block / Educate


Call Home

Thousands of SoftwareMines™ are automatically planted near the sensitive data on all file storages, both on premises and in the cloud.

A SoftwareMine™ that is opened outside the organization provides important, critical and unique forensics information about the data breach, that will keep the security team in control.

ITsMine will make a lemonade out of the lemon.

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than 2h

Quickest implementation –
2 hours with no policy needed

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2 cases for 500 users

Low false positives – 2 cases for
every 500 users with risk level >1

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0% effect
on network

No network performance degradation
No effect on employee productivity
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Proactive Protection

  • An Artificial Intelligence-based solution that enables automatic response to attacks
  • Full VISIBILITY and CONTROL over both internal (Incl. suspicious employees) and external threats
  • Immediate and real time employee education

Future of DLP

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Risk Free, Transparent Architecture

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Attack Vectors Automatic Protections

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Sensitive information is protected in all three states of digital data

skip the mines

Meet regulation requirements


Don’t you touch that!


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