Beyond Boundaries

Track and protect your data anywhere with ITsMine's unique technology

Beyond control

File-GPS™ track sensitive data’s location, within company boundaries and beyond​

Beyond protection

Proactively protect against internal and external attackers

Beyond regulations

Hassle-free regulatory support allows you to meet requirements

Beyond simplicity

Installed and set up in one day to automatically protect your environment

Beyond training

Increase data security awareness by engaging employees

Today’s business data is spread throughout so many on-premise and cloud locations that keeping a handle on it all and protecting it from internal leakage and external breaches has become an extremely complex and costly challenge. 

The question is whether you can protect your data without the overwhelming effort and hardships? It turns out you can, so we made it possible! 

We’ve built ITsMine™, a technology that’s completely agentless, easy to install, and simple to use – to easily track and secure data wherever it is; within an internal network and beyond. Together, we can truly bring security and control to sensitive data.

Kfir Kimhi

Co-Founder and CEO

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