Managed Data Protection: an opportunity awaits

With many service providers such as MSPs, MSSPs, vCISOs and other consultants offering a range of services for clients, one untapped area of opportunity is Managed Data Protection, or MDP.

Managed Data Protection refers to businesses outsourcing the protection of their data to trusted third parties, who are likely more experienced and skilled in protecting this data. In this article, we’ll look at the massive advantages of Managed Data Protection, and how you can get started on your Managed Data Protection journey.

What is Managed Data Protection?

Managed Data Protection (Managed Data Protection) is a cybersecurity service that leverages cutting-edge technology to perform tracking, monitoring, response, and training in order to protect data – anywhere.

Many companies engage the services of MSPs, MSSPs, vCISOs and similar partners to assist with anything IT-related. Especially when it comes to SMBs, companies prefer to focus on their key competencies, and leave their IT challenges to the experts. Hiring a full team under a CISO is just not practical, and engaging with an outsize partner brings significant benefits including access to best practices.

These trusted third parties offer many services, from day-to-day IT (lost passwords, adding new users) to more high-level network and security architecture. 

One service that is only starting to gain popularity is Managed Data Protection. In this case, the trusted third party uses industry-wide best practices and tools to ensure that the client company’s data is secure, constantly. 


Why Managed Data Protection is more important than ever before

Data has fast become an organization’s most important asset, and at the same time an area of tremendous risk. Malicious actors are constantly trying to breach organizations, exfiltrate data, deploy ransomware attacks, and other forms of cyber criminality. These attackers are growing in boldness and sophistication. 

Most non-enterprise organizations don’t have the resources to keep up with these threats alone. Therefore engaging the experts when it comes to Managed Data Protection is a natural and important next step.  

The advantages of offering Managed Data Protection services

Offering a Managed Data Protection service has a number of key advantages. These include:

  1. A unique edge over competitors
  2. A new revenue stream
  3. Upselling current clients
  4. Attracting new clients
  5. Being able to demonstrate value
  6. Offering unmatched value to clients and allowing them to do what they do best

A key benefit of Managed Data Protection is that it gives organizations the ability to track and protect files at rest, in motion, and in use – all at once, even beyond company boundaries, and is completely agentless.

It works by using automatic reactions to different vectors of attack, both internal and external, while proactively educating users on data protection best practices, thus keeping data safe and secure, anywhere.


Get your Managed Data Protection offering started right now

Many service providers are worried about offering Managed Data Protection services because of the resource-intensive nature of the service. In the past, this was true, however today there are purpose-built tools to help you scale and manage your new Managed Data Protection offering.

Leading these tools is ITsMine’s Managed Data Protection solution. ITsMine’s Agentless BeyondDLP™ gives MSSPs and other third party providers the opportunity to offer their customers a cutting edge, comprehensive Managed Data Protection solution as a service, providing maximum protection while requiring minimum effort. 

It’s easy to implement, easy to manage, easy to sell, and super easy to white-label. 

To learn more or get started, head to ITsMine’s dedicated Managed Data Protection portal and get in touch with a Managed Data Protection expert today.