Ever wonder whether video game leaks are intentional? Are they caused by malicious third parties who got their hands on private information before launch? Perhaps they’re leaked by an insider? The cause matters, as these types of leaks can cost millions of dollars. 

Find out who or what is behind big-name video game leaks and why and how you can avoid having your latest title leaked before it’s ready for the public.

How do video games get leaked?

Gamers like to believe that leaks aren’t always as “accidental” as they appear, though anyone who has tried to keep an exclusive release under wraps knows just how hard it can be. 

Here’s how game leaks often occur:

Let’s take a closer look at each of these causes.

Insider threats

These are malicious insiders who have authorized access to protected data. In most cases, these are people within the organization, such as employees, contractors, or former employees. Some are disgruntled, and some are in it for financial gain.

It is worth noting that not all insider threats are intentional. Sometimes, human error is to blame. Nevertheless, insider threats could cause a video game leak, so it is in your best interest to safeguard your data against the threat.

Phishing attacks

Have you ever seen an email come across your mailbox pretending to be something it wasn’t? 

Phishing attacks pretending to be from reputable sources can get access to your sensitive data and, before you know it, gain unauthorized access to crucial information and leak your video game.


There are almost too many ways to list how malicious software can make its way onto a device with sensitive data.

Several video games have suffered damaging leaks at the hands of malware.

Data theft

Let’s not forget good old fashion data theft; this could be through a cyberattack or even from the physical theft of a device.

Notable video game leaks

How can game developers prevent video game leaks?

At its core, the problem is simple — it’s data protection.

There are many ways to protect company data and keep your video game a secret till the time is right; some are complicated, and some are painfully expensive. The best way to keep your video game secure from unauthorized access or reveal is to find a technology solution that keeps data protected, while ensuring business continuity, no friction, and something that is not prohibitively expensive. 

A solution should also be easy to use for your entire team, and affordable enough to roll out for your entire organization.

Using a data protection solution to prevent a game leak

DLP solutions offer numerous features and tools that help secure sensitive data. Here are a few highlights:

A better way to secure your scattered data against unwanted leaks

They say, “prevention is better than cure,” and this couldn’t be more true for video game leaks.

ITsMine’s BeyondDLP Platform makes data protection quick, painless, and simple (remember that sweet spot we mentioned earlier.)

BeyondDLP helps organizations and game developers eliminate the threats that cause video game leaks by controlling and securing data scattered amongst hybrid workers and the supply chain. Plus, the platform addresses critical security issues and supports regulatory compliance.

Three platform features that you’ll love:

FileGPS™ gives you the power to track and control your sensitive data anywhere. Even beyond company boundaries.

SoftwareMines™ are intelligent sensors deployed to prevent data breaches and detect abnormal use of company data. These disposable agents protect against internal and external attackers and give you the forensic evidence you need to stop offenders.

Employee-Centric Protection makes your team allies and not threats. Integrated data security awareness training campaigns educate the team in real-time to protect employees (and your organization).

Final Thoughts

Video game leaks can be very harmful to a game’s launch and the overall success of its release campaign. Knowing what you’re protecting against and what technology to leverage can help you prevent a malicious or unintentional video game leak — all that is left to do is take action.

Get in touch to learn more about ITsMine’s platform and how we can help your organization to secure your data.