Have you just experienced a potential Data Breach? It is a time of crisis, and your organization is facing an emergency. Critical data is compromised, and you need to respond fast. How should you handle the cyber incident? What is your data breach response plan? What are all of the data breach regulatory requirements involved?

Enter the ultimate resource for emergency data breach response and recovery – ITsMine’s data breach emergency center.

What is the Data Breach Emergency Center

Ask any victim of a past data breach or cyber incident, and they’ll tell you: It’s a massive challenge, one that cannot be handled alone. There is a lot to do to manage or recover from a data breach successfully.

The purpose of the Data Breach Resource Center is to help you take back control. 

With a range of resources, expert guidance, and data protection tools, you’ll be able to respond to the data breach, obtain forensic information about the cyberattack, potentially find the attacker, and learn what you should do next to protect your crucial data immediately.

The data breach response center should be the first place you visit when dealing with an emergency breach.

How the Data Breach Resource Center can help you with data breach response

We’ve gathered all the resources you need to guide you through dealing with a breach – whether the result of a malicious outsider, a disgruntled insider, or pure negligence.

To help offer immediate damage control, the center includes:

  • Software tools
  • Expert instructions
  • Guides and resources
  • Preventative measures
  • Audit trails & evidence
  • Regulatory compliance

The resources include tons of helpful articles, such as data breach regulatory requirements by state or GDPR regulatory requirements. The page also contains our Ransomware SOS Guidebook that can help improve your response to ransomware attacks.

And perhaps most importantly, as an immediate response to dangerous potential data breaches, you can utilize ITsMine’s BeyondDLP™ Emergency Deployment.

Using BeyondDLP™ Emergency Installation to recover from a data breach

This emergency installation feature is here for your when you need it most. 

Suppose you’re dealing with a critical cyber attack with limited existing data protection solutions in place. BeyondDLP™ Emergency Installation can help implement essential measures to limit the damage of a data breach, prevent further harm (for example, by installing SoftwareMines™), and gain evidence and an audit trail to assist with regulatory compliance and a whole lot more. Let’s look at some of these benefits individually.

Install to understand what happened

BeyondDLP™ lets you “go back in time” and assess what happened, understand the current situation and formulate your data breach response.

Obtain evidence

You’ll need a product like BeyondDLP™ for evidence and audit trail purposes. SoftwareMines™ (advanced virtual sensors) can help obtain forensic evidence on internal offenders by deploying disposable agents on suspicious endpoints.

Limit the damage caused by the data breach

The installation of SoftwareMines™ allows you to protect your data from being further compromised or leaked.

Demonstrate proactive action and prevention

Your stakeholders will want to know what you are doing to ensure that the data remains safe. With the BeyondDLP™ emergency installation, you can show that data protection is a priority and that you are taking the initiative to protect against further incidents.

If you’re dealing with a potential data breach and want to respond fast, then you can start the BeyondDLP™ Emergency Installation here.

About ITsMine

ITsMine is backed by a team of cybersecurity architects, experienced hackers, industry leaders, and worldwide cybersecurity experts.

ITsMine offers a new, unique, proactive approach to Data Loss Prevention (DLP), that requires no policies and no permanent endpoint agents and guarantees protection against internal and external attackers. Beyond DLP solves the challenges using a fully automated solution with negligible false positives and without affecting employee productivity.


Now, you know where to go if you ever experience a data breach. Or, if you are currently experiencing a data breach emergency, you know what you should do next.

Remember, you’re not the first one to experience a breach. It will be ok in the end, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Visit the Data Breach Emergency Center and choose from the available resources, and add ITsMine’s Emergency Deployment as soon as possible to begin damage control.

It’s time to protect your data.