Hoping to prevent increased data risks during Covid-19

ITsMine, creator of BeyondDLP™, announced today that in light of the COVID-19 outbreak resulting in the global implementation of “work from home” policies, it is offering free access to its industry-leading Data Breach Detection™ solution until working conditions return to normal.

“Having people work from home is obviously necessary,” says Kfir Kimhi, CEO, “But it places businesses under immense stress. Data breaches and ransomware attacks historically rise during a crisis, and we’re already seeing that happen. Then there’s the added danger of a decentralized workforce which adds many more potential attack points and vulnerabilities for sensitive company data. Companies need to be aware of that and understand the steps they need to take to mitigate those risks. To do our part during this tumultuous and unprecedented time, we’re providing our Data Breach Detection™ and support free of charge.”

Data Breach Detection™ lets organizations track critical organizational data. Even after data exfiltration, where data is taken beyond company boundaries, the solution alerts and gives critical forensic information about the potential data breach. It offers easy implementation, is transparent to employees and IT teams, and requires no endpoint agents or network changes.

ITsMine’s Data Breach Detection™ software can be deployed within one hour and includes a walk-through with an ITsMine implementation engineer. 

To start using Data Breach Detection™ for free, get in touch with ITsMine here to schedule a demo and walk-through. 

To learn more about Data Breach Detection™ as a proven tool for safeguarding sensitive company data, please visit https://itsmine.io/work-from-home. ITsMine ensures data security within and beyond company boundaries and can, therefore, help companies in their transition from in-office to a fully remote workforce. 

ABOUT ITSMINE: ITsMine was founded in 2017 by a group of experts aimed at offering a new, unique, proactive approach to Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Beyond DLP™ requires no policies and no permanent endpoint agents, and guarantees protection against internal and external attackers. ITsMine’s Beyond DLP™ solves the challenges using a fully automated solution with negligible false positives and without affecting employee productivity. It’s backed by a team of cybersecurity architects, experienced hackers, industry leaders, and experienced software developers from top IDF cybersecurity units. 

Please direct all inquiries to Kfir Kimhi, kfir@itsmine.io.