In September 2019, ITsMine and Ingram Micro announced an exciting partnership agreement. Based on the agreement, Ingram Micro – the largest software distributor in the world, and a trusted name in the world of SaaS and IaaS solutions – partnered with ITsMine to distribute our Beyond DLP™ solution to its tens of thousands of technology partners worldwide.  

In this post, we’ll take a deeper look into this partnership, and what it means for ITsMine clients and potential clients. 

The Power of Ingram Micro

When our team here at ITsMine first got involved with Ingram Micro, it was clear that this was no ordinary distributor. The Ingram Micro name carries weight in any market around the world, with its 33,000 employees, billions of dollars in revenue and rank as 64th on the Fortune 500 list. 

ITsMine first came into contact with Ingram Micro as finalists in the prestigious Comet Competition. Since then, it was clear to our team that a partnership with Ingram Micro was going to be a huge vote of confidence in our technology. 

Being distributed by Ingram Micro as a trusted vendor also gives the stamp of approval in terms of our product effectiveness, ease of installation, and global best practice. In the world of Data Loss Prevention, these are critical “buy” signs for any prospective customer. 

As Michael Kenney, Ingram Micro’s head of global business development put it, “Our partners are always on the hunt to find the best ways to help their customers address difficult security problems. ITsMine’s innovative security solutions caught our attention during the Comet Competition. We are proud to help them scale their go-to-market efforts and offer to our partners a new security solution for them to help solve their customer’s trickiest security problems.”

Why ITsMine’s Beyond DLP™

For ITsMine, product effectiveness is part of our team’s DNA. As we’re sure for you reading this, it was inconceivable that large companies were experiencing massive data breaches even with DLP solutions in place. 

That’s why our Beyond DLP™; solution is designed around effectiveness, efficiency, significantly reducing false positives and quick, easy and seamless integration. 

Founded in 2017 by a team of cybersecurity architecture experts, hackers, entrepreneurs, and experienced software developers, our mission is to protect organizational data proactively, seamlessly and automatically, all while improving corporate compliance.

Our next-generation DLP provides alerts and gives critical forensic information even after data exfiltration. It is easy to implement, transparent to employees and IT teams and requires no endpoint agents – zero.

Highlights and Soundbites

In response to the announcement, ITsMine CEO Kfir Kimhi said, “We are delighted to join Ingram Micro to bring our unique data loss prevention solution to their strong community of users and partners. The DLP solution can be enabled within 24 hours, making it perfect for the cloud”.

Highlights of the ITsMine DLP solution include:

Leading the DLP Industry with the Best DLP Solution

ITsMine enables corporations to stay protected from internal and external data threats. If you’re looking for the ultimate Data Loss Prevention solution, look no further than ITsMine’s Beyond DLP™. 

Our solution leverages AI, behavior analysis and deception techniques to secure and protect all stages of your digital data. Plus, you get data protection within the company and beyond, a solution that enables automatic responses to internal and external attacks and real-time employee education. 

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